First thread here so not sure if this is the right place to post or not.

I've just started with a new training plan and have dipped into AS again to help with the recovery / maximise results.

About my fifth cycle in all and finished the last (TestP/Tren ) in January but a number of holidays then catch up at work since then I've put on a bit of the flab. BF is pushing 25% now and the goal is to lose some of this to get down to 15-20% BF. A lot of you will say that I need to get lean before hitting AS but please keep your comments, understand the risk but I'm pretty healthy and I respect all your knowledge, have my reasons and really dont want to hear it.

About 4 weeks ago now starting group HIIT functional training (f45training) six days week in the morning and the results were immediate. I've dropped the weight training to get used to this as the first week in was all about survival, the second was about finishing the session, now I'm starting to up the resistance and pushing until I'm nearly spewing. Results as mentioned have been increase in energy, leaner look and better posture etc. Despite the toughness of the session I'm really liking it but want to do weight training at nights if I can as I dont want to lose too much muscle. Got full body measurements scan a couple of weeks ago to measure change over the first couple of months.

Only problem so far is trying to get through the day of training due to the exhaustion in the morning, despite what I ate I am buggered and the first couple of weeks used some pseudoephedrine to up me a bit, not too keen on doing that long term though so decided to get help from AS to give me the energy required during the day. I hpoe that once my body aclimatizes and the BF reduces things will be a little different but I think its time to hit the cycle and training hard again and AS allows me to train like a maniac.

Cycle details as follows:

TestE 500mg ew 12w
Deca 400mg ew 10w
Arim 0.5m eod 12w
Nolv 40-40-20-20 ed after cycle

I've never felt I need Arim before but I do bloat a bit and I want to avoid that if I can, only problem I've had with gyno was some itchy nipples a few weeks after my last TestE/Tren cycle which shut me down pretty bad. Experiences with other cycles were TestE/Dbol /Anavar and plain TestE which I responded pretty well too. Ran very low doses of Tren/TestP last cycle but got bad acne on the back as well as not being able to sleep at night and stupid super high sex drive, scared me a little actually so it will be the last time for Tren for me.

My situation for sources is not the best and my currents can be unreliable, dont have access to Chlomid or HCG and TestP is hard to come by. CHose Deca this time as it was easy to get and it will be my first time and I want to get some different experiences behind me. Hormone bloods tests arent cheap in Oz and are difficult for me too as I dont want this on my record, did get my cholesterol blood pressure and all the rest checked last week and the results were very good, will probably get this done again in six weeks to monitor cholesterol and kidney function.

A couple of weeks into this AS cycle now and I'm starting to feel it. Have put on about 2kg's which is what I lost on the first couple of weeks of HIIT but nothing around the the waste, not sure if its water or muscle but I'm OK with weight as its more BF that I want to lose.

DIet is pretty clean, I dont drink soft drinks (soda) as it is and my weakness is the milk in my morning latte. Drink a lot of water (3-4L/day) and lots of hot tea with lite milk, aiming for about 1600 calories a day net of exercise. Macro's goals as a % are 45P/40C/15F and I'm doing this OK, eating five times a day with an example day as follows:

Wakeup: L-Carnatine
Morning: HIIT
Breakfast: more L-Carnatine, then 30gWPI/20gDexrose/half cup oats/frozen berrys (as a shake)
Snack: Latte and home made healthy oat slice
Lunch: Hot meal of beans/meat/sweet potato or 200g lean protein/100g green vege/100gclean complex carbs
Snack: Apple r Banana or muesli bar / WPI 30g
Dinner: 100g lean protein/100g green vege
Snack9pm: quarter cup oats/calcium caseinate30g/frozen berrys (as a shake).

CUrrent maintenance for my stats is around 2330 calories a day so hoping this deficit will be enough to see some results. MyFintnessPal is used for tracking calories . macros and we use heart rate monitors in HIIT to measure calorie burn. Estimate burn for weight session is to be about 400calores/hour.

Questions for you all if you can help are as follows:

Q - With my elevated BF would you suggest more ARIM in the beginning (i.e. 0.5mg/ed) or leave it as is

Q - I read somewhere that if you start Arim late there is little effect as the train is already moving. The reason I ask is that if I start gaining water or if my ARim is shit can I go some more or change brands later in the cycle?

Q - Expect to start weight training in the afternoons from next week, doing the basic Arnie beginner cycle (a lot of compound exercises) and then go to six days once I hit W4 of cycle as the gear should be starting to hit them. Will do Arms/Shoulders, Chest/Back and Legs/Lower in each session, then as I condition for this and starting hitting PB's expand the session (same muscle groups) to do super sets / pyramid / more weak point training. DO you think this will be overtraining as I'm particularly worried about being able to keep doing the HIT in the mornings (four days of Cardio focus/2 days of Resistance focus).

Q - Trying to get smarter on my carbs and do simple (i.e. Dextrose) with WPI straight after training, then complex carbs within three hours. Once I hit weights in the afternoons is it worth doing the carb depletion then loading days? My concern is energy as I dont want to be a zombie at work.

Q - BCAA's: all my protein / dextrose / caseinate is quite pure and I was thinking of throwing some BCAA's into the mix. THoughts on the value of this (I dont care about a 10% difference), dosage and timing.

Q - The night snack is to give me some protein during the night and also carb replenishment while I'm sleeping as the morning HIIT kills me if I dont have this the night before (I train on an empty stomach). THoughts on only doing this when I have the Resistance HIIT session the following morning, benefits behind your opinion?

Q - Was thinking about doing Carb cheat day every fourth or fifth day where I add a lot more clean complex carbs to each meal. BEnefits of this with my focus on BF and maintaining energy levels and reasons why?

Q - How important to have a rest day once a week, can I do 30-40mins steady state cardio on the rest day?

Stats are 175cm tall, 83kg, age 40, large testes / still got hair.

I think that is about it, long writeup I know but wanted to explain the reasonings behind what Im doing. Been lifting for over 20 years now but the goal at the end of this next six months is to get to a good level of BF vs lean muscle, then as I finish my cycle keep going hard and drop off the weight training to maybe 3 days per week but keep the HIIT going.

Thanks in advance for those of you that share your advice.