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    Losing fat and Gaining musscle

    Tell me what you think, about to continue the cycle for a total of 14 weeks.
    I'm 5'11"
    early 30's
    This is my 4th cycle. I hadn't worked out in 6 months, but got great results.


    Test Prop 50mg eod
    Masteron 50mg eod
    Tren Ace 50mg eod
    mestanolone 30mg everyday
    aromasin 10mg everyday

    Started at 196 pounds
    93.7 Skeletal Muscle Mass
    16.8% bf

    5 weeks later

    207 lbs
    104.9 SMM
    12.2% bf

    Losing fat and Gaining musscle-bodyfat.png

    Losing fat and Gaining musscle-bodyfat-now.jpg
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