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    Ectomorph Pro Cycle

    Starting weight: 173 lbs
    Height: 6 foot 6 inches

    Compounds on hand:

    Anadrol 25 mg pills
    Test cypionate
    Tren enanthate
    Masteron enanthate
    MENT (Trestolone)

    Before i begin i would like to say i have experimented w all of the above before except anadrol and masteron. I am a true ectomorph. Without a 3500 calorie baseline i will lose weight. Currentlt i eat everything in sight but shoot for 5000 calories per day. I workout with heavy weights 6 times per week for no longer than one hour each workout. I would get into more detail about diet but it is boring and i am very knowledgeable on that plus the insulin use. So please, no posts concerning my use of insulin please. I know the dangers of its abuse.

    I tend to run a 16 week cycle.

    Weeks 1-16 test cypionate 250 mg/ week
    Weeks 1-16 tren e 200 mg/week
    Weeks 8-12 anadrol 25 mg / day
    Weeks 12-16 MENT 50 mg/day
    Weeks 4-8 insulin 10 ius post workout
    Weeks 12-16 masteron e 500 mg/week
    GHRP-6 everyday

    Weeks 12-21 nolvadex
    Weeks 17-21 clomid

    At the moment i am 3 weeks into cycle and already have gained 28 lbs and weigh 201 lbs currently.

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    dude thats incredible, 5k calories and your that light still

    I am 6'4 195 and I thought I was ecto. I have not hit 5k calories on a consistent basis like that though.... and if I did I am sure I would get fat. You are a true hard gainer it sounds like. I am about to start my first cycle I am sticking with just Test E, this crazy soup your mixin up sounds too complicated for me.

    Good luck to you mate I will keep an eye on your journal!

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    without sounding like a dick here, it sounds like you are throwing drugs at what is clearly a diet issue.

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