Hi all. After doing lots of research on this topic I decided to get my hands on some and give it a try. Feel free to ask any questions on my experience.

Dnp cycle
15th may weight 15st .02 (210.02lbs)
250ml test sust
200/400mg DNP
T3 50mcg
Caffeine 200mg
Animal pax vitamins 2 packs
Bcaa with electrolytes
Nighttime kalms (natural sleep aid)
Vitamin C and E

With the diary I'm weighing myself each day, just as a test but I know it will differ from day to day with water retention, salts etc.

Day 1: within an hour I was noticing shortness of breath from just getting the kids ready for school. Could be dnp already, not sure? raining outside and I felt quite comfortable, didn't feel cold. 1 hour cardio steady state complete on stationary bike. Managed fine, soaking of sweat but that possibly just normal and not dnp. Had breakfasts then to gym to hit legs - supersets with 12-16rep range focusing on squeeze and contraction throughout. Night time shower feeling quite warm, noticed I could handle the shower temp lower than usual. No real bad heat problems on the night, didn't need the fan just a window open but that's usual for me. Slept about 6/7hours.

Day 2
Down 3lbs. I look much leaner this morning. I did drink a lot more water so mostly water loss through pissing no stop. Few warm this morning. Raining outside I've got shorts and thin top on. Feel good ! Muscles still full. Trained chest supersets similar to day 1. Feeling more hot today. 40mins cardio done today. My stomach was heavily bloated after finishing this cardio. Looked like a pregnant man?? Water retention seems to be kicking in Sweating a lot more today. Had to keep a fan on over night. Farts last night were like a small fire- the Mrs was nearly sick. Smelt chemical. Slept quite well.

Day 3 (205lbs) down extra 2lbs
Very bloated this morning. Muscles looking flatter.
Back/traps/legs supersets at the gym today - trying to burn as many calories as possible. Felt good in the gym- muscle filled up. Warm but nothing unbearable. Headaches throughout the day. Upped my water a little after feeing this and it went away. 25mins cardio today at the highest incline on bike

Day 4 (204lbs)
Bloated again this morning. Muscles flat still doing close to zero carb. Trainings shoulders/triceps/calfs high reps. No crazy heat. Had a small amount of carbs postworkout in form of sweet potatoes. Little bit more heat after this while walking around. I've also noticed a little uncomfortable/stitch-like feeling when eating or drinking sometimes. On my
Right side where my rib cage is?? Not sure what this is? Had a sandwich before football tonight. Not crazy heat that I was expecting just a little warmer. Played football for 90mins. My cardio wasn't what it normally is but still Better than I expected. I did add in ostarine sarm today as I had a few left over. Don't know if that would of helped with football? Upped my water intake an extra 2 litres today. Going to up my dosage of DNP tomorrow

Day 5 (201lbs)
Double my dosage today to 400mg - I felt that I managed 200mg fairly easy, no real struggle at all. Will see how this dosage works. Hour later feeling quite warm. Lips are very dry today, aiming for a lot of water today. My young daughter not very well today and off school so no work/gym/cardio will likely get done today. Feeling a little dizzy when getting up today. Joints are also sore, could be football but are my joints drying out a bit? Not sure... few hours down and very hot. Sweating just sitting down. Feel a little unwell also. Cravings for "bad foods" are unreal tonight. Heat Is bad today. Had a pita bread with chicken kebab and salad and it's kicked it off worse. Sleep wasn't too bad. Kept fan on. Keeping this dosage going again tomorrow.

To be continued....