I think it's kinda funny how I found my source. I had been curious about gear for awhile but honestly never thought I'd try it. I was more interested in Ephedrine and Clen and any other day burner. Anyways, I found my source by matching with a gym crush on a dating site lmfao I recognized him and liked him back and then we just started taking about training and meal prep and stuff like that. One night I was talking about Paige Hathaway and wondering how she seems to stays so lean year round and mentioned how I read that she could be on Clen. Then he just asked if I wanted some hahahaha after talking a bit about Clen, I brought up Cass Martin (of course ) and asked if she was natural or not and how I could achieve a similar look. By that time, I had already googled her and found sites of people commenting about gear and how she is most likely using it. He mentioned Var and Test but said he definitely wouldn't recommend me taking Test so after reading a ton on here and other sites I decided on Clen and Var for my first cycle. I can't believe how fast 6 weeks went!
Anyone else have a strange way of finding your source? Lol

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