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    Magnum_RS First Cycle - 400mg Test Cyp x 10 weeks

    I thought I would record my first cycle here. I'm currently 18 days into it and I've been keeping a diary, so I will fill you in to the past 18 days into the first post and then go from there as and when I update it.
    Prior to this cycle I've done plenty of research for several months, browsing forums, read Anabolics by William LLewellyn.
    I did originally plan on running Turinabol alongside the test but decided against it to see how I react to the test. I'm glad I decided against it as I did react slightly badly to the test around the third week as you will read below and it was good that I could only blame one compound.
    I did have a very bad fear of needles which I overcame before the cycle by "practising" with b12 shots. So if you're too scared to inject and want to run an oral only cycle despite all the negative advice against it, get some b12.
    I have had two sets of pre cycle bloods taken. All my ranges are normal, except high SHBG in both tests.
    There will be a testosteron/estrogen test taken at the 5 week mark and another test after PCT.

    The photos attached to this thread are from day 1, before the cycle began.
    Note the acne on my back is not gear related as this is my first cycle, It's most probably related to excessive sweating at work and being pressed up against a seat all day.
    Apologies for the quality of the photos, it was difficult taking the photos myself with the front facing camera and a timer. My legs are proportionate to my upper body but only just about, they are my weak point.
    I'm not just saying this, but my chest looks flatter in the photos than real life.

    Magnum_RS First Cycle - 400mg Test Cyp x 10 weeks-thumbnail_image1.jpg
    Magnum_RS First Cycle - 400mg Test Cyp x 10 weeks-thumbnail_image2.jpg
    Magnum_RS First Cycle - 400mg Test Cyp x 10 weeks-thumbnail_image3.jpg

    Constructive comments are welcome and I'll be happy to answer and questions and I'll be updating this thread fairly frequently being as honest as I can.

    Age - 26
    Weight - 77kg
    Body Fat - 12-15% (estimate)
    Training experience - 5 Years

    400mg Pharmacom Test Cyp week 1-10 (200mg split Monday and Friday)
    0.5mg Arimidex Tuesday and Saturday
    500iu HCG week 1-10 (250iu split Monday and Friday)

    PCT (18 days after last injection):
    Clomid 100/50/50/50
    Nolvadex 40/20/20/20

    Training split:
    Push, Pull, Legs, Push, Pull, Legs, Off, Off.
    Rest days may be moved around work commitments but the rotation is not changed (and leg day is not skipped)

    3500 minimum calories per day
    400 carbs
    100 fat
    220 protein

    Day 1:
    First shot of test shot IM into delt, quite nervous and shaking when injecting and quite surprised at how thick the oil was despite warming it up first.
    HCG shot into belly fat.
    No discomfort during the injection and minimal PIP.

    Day 3:
    Second shot of test and HCG. Less nervous.
    Other delt is slightly sore from the previous shot.

    Day 4:
    Balls ache slightly (could be psychogenic), sore right arm. No other changes.

    Day 10:
    Right delt injection, I find it quite difficult injecting and aspirating with my non dominant hand. Letting go of the syringe to adjust is not a good idea, the needle moved and I'm expecting some PIP tomorrow. Pulled the needle out after and some blood poured down my arm.
    Sex drive seems to be up, workouts not affected. Slight extra focus but this could all be psychogenic.
    Weight after 7 days was up 3kg, definitely something happening under the surface with glycogen/water retention even this early on.

    Day 17:
    This is the 6th shot. Tiny amount of blood in the syringe when I put the needle in. Definitely aspirated clean bubbles when the needle was all the way in. The blood did create anxiety when injecting, excessive sweating.
    Energy levels are normal. Workouts seem more focused. Appetite is high, could probably eat more but I don't want to gain unnecessary fat. Some PIP from previous jabs caused by difficulty aspirating.
    Slight dry and persistent cough has been lingering for almost a week.

    Day 18:
    Possible test flu. I don't get ill, I'm almost never ill. Coughing and sneezing quite a lot. Very congested. Diarrhoea a few hours after waking up. Glad I stuck to test only because I could be blaming the Turinabol for this.
    No PIP.

    Day 19:
    Had a terrible sleep due to the congestion. Can't breathe out my nose, loads of mucus.
    Forced myself to go to the gym for a push day.
    Despite feeling so crap, this was an amazing workout and I definitely feel strength gains. I was coughing between sets quite excessively yet my strength was through the roof. Endurance was brilliant and I didn't want to leave, spent 2 hours in the gym.
    This makes me wonder what I can achieve once I'm feeling better.
    Loading up on vitamins currently and drinking plenty of water.

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    Day 20
    Still coughing and very congested. Felt strong for a pull day, done 40+ sets overall.
    Good pump, veins popping more than usual.
    Had my hair cut today and the barber commented on how much bigger I look than 3 weeks ago.

    Day 21
    Same as yesterday but weaker. Trained legs, not a great workout. Still taking vitamin C every hour or so trying to flush out my system.

    Day 23
    Test flu is on the way out, I'm about 75% better. Feel very strong for a push day, felt a bit too cocky and tried a PR without a spot.
    One fresh pimple on my face and one on my shoulder. I am acne prone but these are different. I'm already doing a lot to combat and prevent acne.

    Day 24
    Weight upon waking is up 5kg compared to the start of the cycle, obviously water retention/glycogen but I'm taking my AI and I don't feel bloated.
    Both of yesterdays spots were popped by washing. I've purchased some saw palmetto to combat DHT conversion.
    Muscles feel full and solid.
    I'm more sore than usual, probably because I'm training extra hard for longer.
    Aggression is up, temper is short.

    Day 25
    Took a day off from the gym, I'm shaking the last bit of this flu.
    500iu of HCG isn't completely preventing testicular atrophy, they're definitely smaller. I'm not really looking at increasing the HCG for now as it can spike estrogen but I may look into it after mid cycle bloods.
    Skin is oily, no new acne.

    Progress photos will follow in next post.

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    Week 3 progress
    Magnum_RS First Cycle - 400mg Test Cyp x 10 weeks-img_4439.jpg

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    5 weeks in

    I'm now 5 weeks in.
    Not going to bother doing a day by day account for the previous couple of weeks.

    Strength did shoot up at week 3 and levelled out. This week forward should show some extra strength gains.
    Gym sessions are high intensity and double the length I was doing natural. I'm doing 2 hours with ease, 10 sets on everything.
    I'm feeling fuller, clothes are feeling tighter and I'm getting a lot of comments about my size increase.

    Not really any new side effects, if anything skin is less oily than before. No new acne.
    Lebido is very high, cannot stop thinking about sex. No extra aggression, but definitely more focussed in the gym.

    Blood results back in today and showed test at 87 nmol/l and estrogen at 85 pmol/l (well within range) so my AI is fine at the current dose.

    I'm thinking of running my tbol now that I know how I react to test and I've had the bloods back.

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    How'd the cycle turn out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhGeez View Post
    How'd the cycle turn out?
    Didn’t bother updating the thread because I didn’t get any feedback.
    Finished the cycle 10kg over my starting weight. Strength was quite a lot better. Tbol probably have me an extra 2kg after my weight from the test plateaued.

    First week of PCT was quite bad, felt awful and dropped Clomid after 3 days through fears of acne.
    I also had a very short temper on this first week.
    On week 3 of PCT now.
    Strength is definitely down since being on cycle but not as bad as I was expecting.

    Weight is now about 84kg so down 3kg from when the cycle ended.

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