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Thread: Test/Tren cycle

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    Question Test/Tren cycle

    Week 1.Test E 750mg, 50-75mg/EOD tren
    Week 2.test E 500mg, 50-75mg/EOD tren
    Week 3.testE 500mg,50-75mg/EOD tren
    Week 4. test E 500mg,50-75mg/EOD tren
    Week 5.test E 500mg,
    Week 6.test E 500mg,
    Week 7.test E 500mg,
    Week 8.test E 500mg,
    Week 9.test E 500mg
    Week 10.test E 500mg
    Week 1 clomid 150mg/per d
    Week 2clomid 150mg/per d
    Week 3 clomie 100mg/per d
    Week 4 clomid 50mg/per d
    The daily stuff
    .5mg anastrozole till end of pct
    50mg Proviron till end of pct
    Little about myself in and out of the gym due to crazy work schedule, finally got things paid off and will be able to contribute more time in the home and gym. Have done plenty of cycles from younger dumber years. Currently 25 around 170lbs, will be getting my diet together before I go on cycle, thinking about 6800 calories/day 210 grams protien a day(through supps).I am in no rush to start will be getting blood work done, and other small things. any advice or criticism is welcome.
    *note in the passed I have been lectured about wanting to have kids, exc. I already have 4 I currently and financially don't need anymore! Lol

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    7000cals a day? How many do you eat now?

    You are going to reach your protein goal through supplements not food?

    How tall are and how fat are you?

    Firs cycle in ages no need for anything other than test.

    Your tren isn’t long enough anyway.

    Your test should be extended to 12 weeks.

    Your ai is likely at least double what you need.

    No HCG ?

    That amount of Clomid will have you crying like a baby and you should add nolva.

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