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    Lightbulb Test+Dbol 14 wk cycle results w/ pics

    Hi guys, It's me again, haven't been on here for quite a while actually.

    I'd just like to share with you guys my results from my 2nd cycle which I have completed, I'm now currently in the 2nd week of PCT and only down 2kg(4.5lbs) and my balls already seem to be enlarging slowly again, and I have no problem beating my meat either, my sex drive is a lot lower than usual though but that is normal since in am in PCT.

    It's been great, I have gained in total 10KG (22lbs) and maybe around 2-3% extra bodyfat in this 14 week "semi-clean" bulk.

    Test+Dbol 14 wk cycle results w/ pics-before.jpg

    Test+Dbol 14 wk cycle results w/ pics-image.jpg

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    There ya go. Put on some size finally.

    Good work. Keep at it

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    Great work! Keep up the discipline.
    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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    Great job man keep going!

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