Just starting my second cycle and putting it out there for any input or critiques. First some personal info:

32 Year Old Male
5'8", 195 lbs, ~15% BF

Been lifting for over 10 years, but finally decided to see what steroids are all about last year. For first cycle ran the basic 500mg Test E / week only. Saw pretty good gains, and after everything settled down post cycle probably ended up with about 10-12 lbs (not all muscle). Didn't really notice any side effects except some bacne which I never had an issue with before, so going to try some different things for that this time around.

For this second cycle this is what I am planning:

Week 1-8 Test E 150mg EOD
Week 9-12 Test P 150mg EOD
Week 1-12 Masteron P 100mg EOD
Week 7-12 Anavar 40mg ED

Plan is to really lean out this cycle. I would like to get down to 9-10% BF at the end. Currently eating 2700 calories a day which is pretty close to maintenance for me and will be lowering it each week, depending how things are going.

Anyway, feel free to leave your thoughts and I'll be back to post some updates.