Will be starting Wk#9 of a 10 wk cycle on Mon.
prop--- Wk 1-4 - ---- 100mg/ 3x wk
enan--- Wk 1-10 ------ 250mg/ 2x wk
eq----- Wk 1-10---- 200mg/ 2x wk
Stats:age 46
Was wondering if I extend this to 12 Wks, drop the Enan and do 50mg/ED of Prop with Clen as a cutting agent starting in Wk #10 would I get any benefit?(Eq will remain the same) My recent pics are in the members section, body fat is still pretty low, want to try to cut a bit more at the end of this cycle. Also some more opinions on PCT, I have heard so many conflicting opinions on this, I have no Idea what the hell I should do! (HCG yes,HCG No, Clomid Yes, Clomid No, Nolva Yes, Nolva no. Have all of the above on hand, just have to figure out which way to go. Just want to try and keep as much of my gains as possible.