I am new to the forum and am here just to educate myself for a while. I am not interested in any sources and only want criticism atm.

With that out of the way, I'm 5'10 180 lbs about 13% body fat. I have been weight lifting since 2009, so about 8 years now.

I constantly get in and out of shape mostly based around what season it is. Around this time of year, I am hitting the gym hard to get that beach bod everybody craves. I know right.

Anyhow, I'm interested in trying gear for the first time this summer. I used to have no problem getting into shape, but this time around, I am not as motivated and feel very lethargic. I blame it on turning 30, but who knows.

What I'm interested in learning more about is HGH as a stand alone drug. I'm not looking for any major gains overnight. What I want is more energy in the gym and faster recovery between work outs. From what I've read, I believe I can accomplish this with only HGH. I know I can get quicker results using test and other aas, but I'm not in a hurry just as long as I know whatever I decide to do is working.

Can you guys help a newbie out and let me know if there are any precautions I should take regarding HGH. I plan to do it for 6 months and decide if I want to continue based on my results. I may not do it this summer at all. That's where you guys come in to talk me out of it, or better yet, talk me into it.