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    Hi everyone,

    New to the forum but have completed a few successful cycles a couple years back. Hate to say, but I used TSC for my first few rodeos and, while I had success, figured I'd try a new group of dedicated people to continue to learn how to do things safely.

    I don't comment often, so the 100 posts may be difficult for me to reach in order to achieve my purpose. However, I can assure you that I'll be constantly reading and learning from you all. I spent a good deal of time researching procollagen synthesis and how certain stacks can improve this when taken at the right dosages. Couple years back, I had an expansive thread about that very topic in the TSC forum but never renewed my subscription and unfortunately cannot copy and paste it now. I'll have to try and find my notes on how strengthening tendons and ligaments through specific, low dosage stacks is possible...

    My interest in that topic stems from me playing a sport professionally and wanting to be as healthy as possible after a few debilitating injuries that stalled my career. My career is now over and I'm interested in getting back into things without worrying about testing or cheating. It's likely that this is the longest post I'll end up having. I'd prefer to remain in the background here, but really look forward to learning as much as possible from you guys.


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    This is a great place to educate yourself my friend. I think anyone and everyone who has been in the biz has had some sort of injury....myself.....too many to count. Welcome to the board.

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    Welcome to the forum, Shenanigan! I would be interested in reading your study about low dose stacks to strengthen ligaments. I'm glad you're here!
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    Welcome to the forum.

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