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    New to workout with a few complications

    Hey. I am on a roll to get my health in better shape. I want to start doing a workout that is good for beginners. I do have problems with some fatigue due to HIV. I lost a lot of muscle mass when sick for about a month, not saying I had a lot to begin with. I am 6'3 and about 175. Last year I was at 155 because of having viral meningitis. If you guys/ladies could help me start somewhere, I would greatly appreciate it. If there is something I could take or help along the way as well. I looked into steroids or supplements. I know my diet has to change a little bit. I do eat healthy for the most part except the occasional fast food stop or the sweet cravings. HELP!!!!

    If I can get a start somewhere...I wont feel so bad going to the gym or asking for help.

    Thanks for your time

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    We had a guy with HIV posting awhile back in the HRT Forum. I would think that you could qualify for either HRT or some sort of anabolic therapy fairly easily at a clinic due to your situation.

    Good luck and thanks for joining.

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    Welcome bro!

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