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    New Members please read this

    Welcome to the forums new guys, were glad to have you here and hope that you get some valuable info to take your training to the next level and exceed your goals. Before jumping straight into blindly asking questions I have compiled a few links that I think you could benefit from reading and perhaps save the vets from answering the same questions 50 times a day.

    Common Abbreviations used on these boards!#.T5XmCSOyQvx

    How to Get The Best Quality Responses in this Forum.

    Steroids Before the Age of 25

    The Young and Steroids :

    What's The Right Age to Take Steroids:






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    Good post

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    Thanks Brazey I'm still looking to add a bit more if you have any ideas on how to make it better let me know and i can add it in.

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    I understand what you are trying to do and I think it is great, but we have stickies in each of the sections. One of the things about this board is we try our best not to spoon feed people. Again I understand what you are doing and I think it is great, but unless this is bumped every few seconds it will disappear. Please please do not take this as a hit against you. You are only trying to get all the information on one place, but we have never been about that.

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