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    Hello, what's good everyone! My story and progress.

    Wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I've been a follower of this site for years now and have always found everyone on this site, well most everyone, extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. I'm 38, 6'1", lean, ectomorph and am a hard gainer. I live and train in Colorado mainly for Elk Hunting. Been fit but small and skinny for my whole life. In the last couple years I have decided to step up and handle it like a man. I've done two cycles so far, first one was 6 weeks of Prop a few years ago. It was my first cycle and was unable to hold onto my gains as I was very new. It was a pain in ass having to pin every other day. More recently, I just completed a 13 week Sus250 cycle. Once a week pins is much easier. I did just the Sus250 alone and didn't stack. I was pinning 300 ml every 7 days. Went from 165 to 185lb and when I finished my BF was 10.3%. I got fairly good results but didn't get as big as I wanted to, which is why I am here. I was good on my diet, I was hitting my numbers of protein, fat and carb intake but definitely would like to increase my knowledge base before I start another cycle.

    I'm currently working through my PCT stage and feel like I am shrinking. Currently 4 weeks into my PCT and holding at 177 lbs and BF 9.1%. I plan on completing my PCT cycle and then waiting about 6-10 weeks before starting up again. I was hoping to get some insight on some possible scenarios for my next cycle. I plan on doing 500 ml from beginning to end on my next cycle and am considering stacking to maximize my efforts. Any other hard gainers over 30 out there that have some insight would be greatly appreciated as well as anyone else that has info.

    Couple questions...

    1) Given that I was only pinning 300ml/week is it safe to start back up in 6-10 weeks after my PCT is completed which was 5 weeks?

    2) I was wondering if on my next cycle if I should stack a HCG so that my boys don't totally shut down, or does it really matter?

    3) I've also considered stacking Proviron with the Sus250 since it has little to no side effects and i've read Sus250 and Proviron work well together? Any other suggestions?

    Is it possible to get up to size using 500ml/week + proviron and once at that size, stay on Sus250 only but at a maintenance dose of 250ml like what a doctor would prescribe sort of thing?

    When I am not on test I walk around at 170lb and no matter how much or how hard I train and or eat is a huge challenge to gain and retain. I've heard of men over 35 staying on Sus250 indefinitely on more of a maintenance dose around 250 ml.

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    Welcome to the forum. Pls post all your Q's in the Q&A as thiz section is just for intros. We will help you in there.

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    Welcome treNils! Copy and paste this post into the AAS Q & A Forum so everyone will see it and answer you!
    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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    Welcome to the forum!

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