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    I never thought I would consider using gear, but here I am almost 30, in great physical shape and just now realizing everyone around me has been on it all along.
    Nothing wrong with supplements. The stigma is pretty ridiculous.
    Anyway, Im 5'11 185 at the moment and all around in great shape. I wrestled through high school and have basically maintained that physique ever since.
    I've always been accused of juicing because of how I am built but honestly just had dedication to being in shape for my active lifestyle.

    Anyway, Im to the point where I could definitely keep on the natural path and be fine, but im over seeing guys who dont work nearly as hard as I am and have flashing numbers and bodies on a level I havnt reached.
    My intentions are not to be a bodybuilder of any means but Ive been training jiu jitsu for almost ten years and I box etc. in which i would like to increase my strength to mass ratio.

    My workouts are all based around a unique mix of powerlifting and cardio. Kinda like crossfit but Its just what Ive been doing my entire life because for my goals, clean and press is a lot more efficient than a long isolation workout... although i did a phase this summer where i did a 5 day split and noticed huge results since i dont isolate often.
    Have never really been apart of a forum so yea... this is my first post.

    Im thinking test? I dont wanna get crazy and im already in really good shape I just saw this dude jon skywaker the other day and was pretty agitated that this fuck just started working out and has an amplified version of my physique

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Hello and welcome

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