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    Hey guys,

    After a long time having an internal debate, I finally decided to do a first real AAS cycle on the first semester of 2018. I turned 34 years old a couple months ago and I have been lifting for almost 10 years. Unfortunately, my dedication was intermittent. Every time when work or grad school demanded more of myself I left the gym only to return many months after. As you can see, I was not taking it seriously. Three years ago I decided to give a higher priority to be fit. Since then I have been able to improve my workouts, size and strength by a great deal. Last semester, I did my first "cycle" on Halo for 8 weeks. I got 12lbs from it and kept 8. It really hooked me to try a real AAS cycle. As I turned 34, I thought it would be too difficult to really change my body, but I was proved wrong. Yes, it is going to be a bigger challenge compared if was younger, but on the other hand I am more mature to manage all the requirements.

    I'm now at 175lbs, 15% bf and I am 5'11''. After doing a lot of research, I came with two options for my first cycle: a simple Test E 500mg/week for 12 weeks, or a (Sust 350mg + EQ 450mg)/week for 16 weeks. I am inclined to do the latter due to three reasons. First, the blend of different esters and EQ may bring a better quality of muscle. Second, a longer cycle may help me cement the gains easier. Third, EQ is less androgynous compared to Test, and it aromatizes at 50% of the test rate.

    Well, my mind is not yet made and that's exactly why I am joining this forum, to get better feedback and learn all the details involved on it.

    I appreciate any comment you may make.

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