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Thread: Another new Canadian

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    Another new Canadian

    Hi all,

    New here but not to lifting. Been involved in lifting or sports most of my life but approaching 40 I have taken a more serious and dedicated approach since last summer. Goals are strength orientated with physique being not as important but still want to be the biggest guy in the gym. I have a goal of competing in some sort of strength event in the future whether strongman or powerlifting. So as of now my training is mainly big 3 focused with OHP. Currently running 5/3/1 cycles and eating everything in sight and reaping those anabolic food gains. Last year I focused in weight loss and got down to around 170-175 from 210ish. But refocusing on diet and consistent training I have gotten up to 220 as of now prob around 20% bf.
    EDIT: height 5'10

    Starting lifts at 198lbs in august
    OHP 140
    Dead 288
    Bench 206
    Squat 212

    Lifts as of now BW 220
    OHP 165
    Dead 405
    Bench 260
    Squat 315

    Goal was originally the old 1,2,3,4 plates in each lift respectively. Now I'm starting to focus in on a 300 bench,400 squat, 500 dead.

    Seems like a good place here to gather info and interact with like minded individuals. Hopefully talk to some guys who can help guide a newb when he's ready to move to the next level.

    Thanks guys
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    Nice to see another Canadian on board.

    I'm actually doing the reverse that you're doing. I did PL for a few years and have moved on to physique oriented goals.

    Cudos on the progress so far. Keep up the work and you'll be at 2/3/4/5 plates before you know it!

    Have you ever been on gear, or are you still progressing naturally?

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Still natural. It’s crazy what progress you can make with an actual progressive program and eating tons of food. Before it was a lot of fuckarounditis I suffered from. But when my wife said I was too skinny at 175 it was time to go the other way. Started with starting strength for a few months then switched to 5/3/1. Always had a dream of wanting to be yuge but figured I was destined to be skinny. Turns out You just gotta want it and stick to it
    Discipline > Motivation
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    Great to see another Canuck, welcome!

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