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    Question Hello to everyone

    Hi everyone,

    I don't really know where to start, I'm Laurent, 28 years old, 180cm for ~85Kg, currently living in Germany. I started to train 15 years ago and never stopped since then. I've a satisfying body and a respectable strength ; I'm practicing powerlifting for 2 - 3 years for a ~530Kg total as of today.

    I'm totally natty, and curious about this dark world for a while already. I never dared to approach it though. But you know, I'm already getting old. I get fat more easily than before, I need to "kill" myself into diet to go back in shape when I go wild for just a few days / weeks, I get stronger very slowly, and a little break make my performances fall. I feel i'm losing my time in the gym ; it's painful, I want to open myself to sustainable solutions.

    I'm not afraid, i calculated strategies my whole life, i'm pretty resistant to psychological / physical addiction therefore I don't see problems to try a cycle of something. I've read extensively about HGH.

    There's a little issue though, i'm travelling a lot and going from airport to airport and stay in different places, i need something simple. I found this forum randomly and have read about Ostarin (MK-2866) which seems to be a pretty good deal. I'm still browsing around and see what's best for me.

    I had the idea to try MK-2866 (4 weeks) and then RED-PCT (4 weeks) ; maybe some more experienced guys have their opinions on those products ? I'm usually focused on heavy training and powerlifting moves if that changes anything to what I should be taking ...

    Anyway, I hope I eventually find what i'm looking for

    PS : I've read good and very bad reviews about RED-PCT, so I don't know what to think or what else I could take for PCT
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    And not sure how the rules are in your country/federation, but Ostarine is a banned substance in most federations and a 'research only" chemical, so you might get in trouble if they catch it on you...

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