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    Chauvin, Floyd, the media, and the Agents of Destabilization

    The Houston Courant is the only "mainstream" news agency I am aware of that has been exclusively factual and objective in its coverage of the Chauvin witch hunt.

    Chauvin, Floyd, the media, and the Agents of Destabilization

    Apr 18 || Written By David A. Phaup

    The trial of Derek Chauvin may come to a conclusion this week as the former police officer defends himself against the state of Minnesota and a hostile media campaign. Chauvin, on trial for second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter, sat attentively taking notes over the course of three weeks as witnesses were questioned. This Friday, he evoked his Fifth amendment right to not speak in court. Judge Peter Cahill brought the day to an end by informing the jury that they will return at 9 a.m. this Monday for closing arguments.

    Many of us tuned in to the trial which was livestreamed to the world. We listened to the witnesses. We listened to the experts. There were merits to both the prosecutionís case and the defense. The only thing that matters, however, is whether or not there is reasonable doubt that Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd. The reader can make their own opinion about the guilt of the man. To this author, the entire affair is less about Derek Chauvin and the events of that day, and more about a cadre of radicals using race and law enforcement as weapons in the destabilization of society.

    Before we continue with the substance of this article, I want to highlight what we did differently at The Houston Courant compared to our peers. Michael P. Tremoglie, a former policeman, reporter, and contributor to this publication covered this event from the beginning. He called each shot fairly and inserted some healthy skepticism where appropriate. In other words, he acted as a reporter rather than an activist, and he told the story like it is. Mr. Tremoglie has my thanks and gratitude for having the courage to write those pieces.

    The Chauvin-Floyd Affair

    On the Monday evening of May 25th, a video recorded by Ms. Darnella Frazier, an onlooker to the event, spread across the Internet to eventually be picked up by local news. The incident portrayed the final moments of an interaction between Minneapolis Police and a man named George Floyd. I watched the coverage like many of you. It was shocking and the media fueled every ounce of emotion possible.

    Unfortunately, that day George Floyd died. It was unfortunate for the country that the entire interaction caught on camera was withheld from the public while politicians, race-baiters, Marxists, and certain lawyers in Houston condemned the police. The interaction between police and Floyd was spun into a racial narrative, one where a supposedly racist police officer murdered an innocent black man. These distorters of the truth removed from the event that another citizen was victimized by Floyd, which was the sole reason the police were called to begin with. They switched the who was doing the crime and who was the victim.

    The Riots, the Violence, the Stealing, The Murders

    CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and other media organizations amplified public outrage against the police, while organizations like Black Lives Matter used the opportunity to stir a riot. Democrat politicians eager to gain from the fabricated race issue refused to quell the mobs, letting them riot for days.

    Minneapolis bore the brunt of the riots. Looting, arson, assaults, burglaries, and other criminal activity lasted for days. An economic development official quoted by local Minnesota media put a price on the damages at $350 million.

    Philadelphia went through consecutive days of lawlessness and rioting also. By June 3rd, it had escalated to such a point, that the Philadelphia Police Department and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and Explosives arrested a one Talib Crump for selling homemade dynamite on the streets. Footage of those materials being used for burglaries were captured by security cameras.

    In Oakland, California, a federal building fell under attack by armed gunmen. One Department of Homeland Security employee was injured, another officer, Pat Underwood, lost his life.

    In St. Louis, a retired black police officer named David Dorn responded to a pawn shop alarm during the riots. He was shot by a feral looter, a black man named Stephan Cannon, and died on the scene. Cannon currently awaits trial. Days before Dornís death, another second pawn shop was burglarized and 34 firearms were stolen. A 19-year-old black man named Devante Coffie was charged by the ATF.

    In New York, the police struggled to maintain order as rioters destroyed businesses, public infrastructure, and private property. Brawls and open fistfights were recorded between violent offenders and New Yorkís finest.

    In Buffalo, an agitator sustained injuries from a light push by police as they worked to secure Niagara Square. The politicians suspended two officers that were involved. In response to those suspensions, 57 members of the Buffalo Police Emergency Response team resigned.

    In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott announced the activation of the national guard May 30th. Resources were sent to the cities in support of the Mayors. Dallas would bear the brunt of the rioting while Houston would receive comparatively minor damage.

    In Washington, D.C., protesters surrounded the White House. Law enforcement agents established barriers. Fires were set in the streets as the similarly dressed black-clad rioters assaulted police, destroyed barriers, and ultimately set fire to St. Johnís church, steps away from the White House. With the complete inaction of the Washington, D.C. mayor, then President of the United States Donald Trump stepped in and military units of the National Guard were called in alongside numerous law enforcement agencies. The riots and arson stopped in D.C. within twelve hours.

    The aforementioned examples are just a brief survey of the chaos.

    The Agents of Destabilization Were at Work

    The race-baiting, the trial of Derek Chauvin, the spectacle funeral of George Floyd, and the endless coverage of the matter isnít about any form of justice. These were tools and weapons of those seeking the destabilization of society. Regretfully, for the United States, race will be used to bludgeon anyone opposed to these radicals, no matter how many years have gone by since slavery. This country doesnít have the luxury of a homogeneous national identity like others do. There will always be enemies within and abroad looking to exploit our mix of peoples.

    Itís going to take men and women with courage to oppose these agents of destabilizationópeople who are willing to put their family name on the line. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are unwilling to get involved. Worse, there are a lot of cowards. Make no mistake, this country is up for grabs. Its prosperity, its government, and its weapons can all be taken under this thing we call a republic.


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    The trial, and media frenzy surrounding the tragic death of Mr floyd never had anything to do with the administration of justice, fairness or truth.

    It had everything to do with intentionally exploiting a tragedy to incite hatred and chaos. And push a false narrative based upon lies to convolute the issues at hand in an election year in order to benefit the democrat party, who had no policies they could win on if they were truthful about thier intentions

    Now, it's just a distraction.

    Moreover, the more attention this sick sideshow gets, and the more people notice it, the less attention they pay to the fact that the Biden administration and the democrat party have opened our borders for a free for all, enabling human trafficking, prostitution and smuggling, greatly promoting terrible human suffering on a scale equal to war, all the while enriching powerful criminal cartel's , and simultaneously moving to confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens

    Not to mention that so far have they've backed more corporate sanctions on the state of Georgia for securing it's own election integrity than they have international sanctions on the fucking mullahs of Iran for enriching uranium.

    It's utterly ridiculous.
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