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    Question on bulking

    My test levels have been low for about a year now.....pretty confident it is due to restricted cals and excesssive am cardio with pm training....hell, I've gone from 220 to 175 with 6%bf and am tired of it...I want some solid mass. Before I fudge around with a low dose cycle, I want to know if it is possible to gain some lean body weight, eating my ass off, with my test level so low? Will it come back up with the tribex I've taking?

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    I am not experienced with AS, but i did break a skinny 160 pound body when i was a bit younger with periactin, this stuff will make you eat like crazy.

    i did put on 30 pounds of bodyweight in no time.

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    lose the cardio for a week or so, or at least cut it down to 2 days a week for a half hour. eat eat eat!!! dont over train when lifting weights, for like two weeks just do enough to keep you maintained, switch up your training schedule/muscles. to give your muscles a shock and that should help get your test up. the tribex should help also

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