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    Odd but serious question

    So I am turning 40 this year, it's killing me but my real questions ball sack drooping a normal sign of aging? I know it sounds funny but latley they feel like that have dropped 2 inches, like I will be able to sit on them by the time I'm 41!!! I get rug burn when doing cardio. WTF. I was on HRT a year and ahlf ago but had to stop due to some prostate issue but getting ready to start again. Will this help or hurt. Looking for some laughs but also some comments, thanks.

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    I found that my balls did drop quite a lot around 40, and like you i didn't like it, they felt very fragile hanging like they did. After a few cycles though they came good even on the break between cycles, i am on trt though all the time and no longer feel the dangers of balls coming out the side of my shorts..

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    I think the ball droping thing happens to us all,just give them a good check in a hot bath to make sure theres no lumps our any other probs if there is contact the doc toot sweet

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    This one is for laughs.

    Crazy true story: I got invited to this party where there where going to be a few b list celebrities. I'm just a dumb red neck from Oklahoma, so I am pretty excited about it. After meeting and greeting, the place kind of freezes because the man of honor was about to come down the stairs. There stands the one and only Rodney Dangerfield in one of those short bath robes at the top of the stairs. He apparentlly had been soaking in the hot tub with some of the fauna from the party. Of course I'm staring at him, celebrity sightings are rare where I'm from. Then I notice at the bottom of his bathrobe, down almost to his knee: the longest ball sack I have ever seen!!!!! That sucker was just swinging all around, it didn't seem to bother Rodney, and you can hear giggles all around the party.

    This was a while ago, and Rodney was well over a thousand years old even then. I remember thinking:"will that ball dropping thing happen to me, when I get that old?!"

    For the record, Rodney took two girls with him back to the rooms upstairs and I didn't see him for the rest of the night. It's still a funny memory, and I have no idea why Rodney got ' no respect!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJJ View Post
    Actually I dont think he is talking about that at all, just common drop. I had Variococele. not much fun. Basically it was like having a 3rd ball. My wife liked it. LOL After a while it got MORE than just uncomfortable. About 3 or 4 days out of the month it felt like someone had kicked me in the balls.

    I ended up getting it removed and a Vasectomy at the same time. Not that simple micro surgery for me, no way. I had to have the scrotum cut wide open, everything taken out and displayed on the table, cut and put back in. LOL

    I was back to work 2 days later and out Jet skiing less than 2 weeks. Mistake. I tore some stitches and had some white fatty/fleshy stuff trying to come out. hahahaha. Doctor was not very amused but tape kept things together for the next week and I let it heal up. It was like 90 deg. We don't get many good days like that in WA, I couldn't pass it up.

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    HRT will suck em up so no need to concern yourself with the droop if you are restarting.

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