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    8 week cycle. Test/tren ace/deca

    Im 52 and have been on TRT. New cycle is 50mg of tren ace ed, 50 mg test cyp eod and same for deca . Just started, day 4, but some general observations. Trying to cut fat for summer, probable need to lose 10lbs of fat. I noticed that much higher degree of pain at injection site with tren. Especially in delt, not so bad is glute. Im hotter, all the time, like my internal temp is 10 degrees higher. When training Im soaked in 15 mins, rivers of sweat beads flowing non stop. No noticeable strength gains yet, my weight has gone from 200---203. The pump I had yesterday in my biceps was like nothing Ive ever experienced, epic and very cool. And, I felt like I could have gone on and on, endlessly. Then the pump was lost, weird. Last night I had a minor squabble with my woman and I couldn't sleep, no night sweats but Im on a low dose. Not sure if it was the Tren or the spat which kept me awake, but I need my sleep. Will keep updates for any older guys who may be interested in trying Tren. It was a thread on this site which swayed me to try it. The bang for buck its the best AAS out there cept for GH, which I will try next year. Low does, amazing impact. Run with some test and your golden
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    Tren always makes it hard for me to sleep too. But, it will catch up with you at some point and you will probaly sleep from morning until evening. Ha ha. Hopefully it will be on a day off; if you are working. I become a little more of a jerk when on tren compared to test, so I have to keep myself in check there too. Cardio on tren is a lot harder too, which may account for the sweats. Good luck!

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    sounds about right

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