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    Rotator Cuff/Bicep Tendon Surgery

    Hi Everyone,
    I have to get rotator cuff/bicep tendon surgery in 2 weeks. Its a long recovery time, not at all happy about it. I plan on continuing my TRT dosages throughout recovery/physical therapy. I still plan on frequenting the gym, obviously being very careful and just working out the parts of my body I can. My question is I have been doing some research and there is studies out there that claim introducing deca during post surgery helps the recovery process aiding in tendon and muscle repair. I have deca on hand. I was curious if anyone has any information or advice so I can get back on track as soon as I possibly can.

    I do realize this is going to take time (3 months at least) and I am not at all out to re-injure myself or rush anything. I am just curious if deca, or other AAS , can aid in recovery. Heard some things about hgh too. Thanks

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    Instead of Deca do some research on peptides. BPC-157 and TB-500. Both will help you heal. Read up on them at Pubmed or even BenGreenfield . com.
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