Anybody over 40 + who 'cause of dry eyes, or latent injuries, etc must wearglasses---Full time, and can't wear contacts or can't get Lasik?

How do you deal with this, particularly at a gym setting?

ive been diagnosed with premature dry eye syndrome and bits of toxic dust from many years ago , my opthamalogist, a cracker jack top notch specialist
indicates my days of wearing contacts is numbered as in 9 months to a year

otherwise, im looking at chancing it, risking vision loss due to contact lens wear

i know Mike Mentzer has pics of him working out with his brother who also wore eyeglasses,

but Both may worn contacts and they were worse quality HEMA-quality-- that didn't allow enough oxygen in, back in the 70s and 80s....

my cornea is affected, so no lasik no other vision correction

this is super bad news,

my advice, even if y0ou have quality contact lenses, even dailies restrict wearing them too many hours in a day and give ur eyes a break with regular eyeglasses

*I am so bummed out about the thought of in 9 months, having to wear eyeglasses Full Time, and lifting, bodybuilding at the thought of the sweat, periodically running down my face as if often the case when bodybuilding and having to take off my high quality expenses eyeglasses , wipe the sweat off my face, and off my glasses etc , put them back on -- repeat, etc

thanks in advance for any positive useful help...