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    Letro through PCT

    Hey guys, I'm running a low dose cycle:
    Weeks 1-10: Deca 200mg
    Weeks 1-12: Test Prop 200mg

    I've been using 1 mg eod of Letro, and my question is: should I stay on letro through pct?

    Since its a lower dose, I was thinking of doing pct of just clomid. Also, should I start it one week after I stop the prop (three weeks after the deca stops)?

    Thanks guys.

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    Even though your doses are low it still shuts down your natural system. Go through a pct of100mg of clomid and 20mg of nolva for 30 days!

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    IMHO, since you are stopping the deca 2 weeks prior to the end of the cycle, I would wait an additional 2 weeks for the deca to clear your system. Deca hangs around a long time after it is discontinued. Also, you should have been taking 200mg of B6 throughout the cycle and post as well. This helps to lower the progestrone/prolactin levels that build up as a result of using deca. I personally can't take deca because it shuts me down way too hard. If you haven't been taking the B6 start it and continue through your pct. Continue with the letro, although pheedno explains why arimadex is a better AI. At the test levels your taking the aromatization should be completely stopped but, just in case do take nolva throughout the entire PCT. Take the same clomid regiment that is prescribed in Pheedno's PCT listed in the above thread. His method is the gold standard for PCT.

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