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    how 2 safely mix hcg

    Are there any sterility issues when mixing hcg with sterile water? I figure if something about to go into my blood is exposed to air while i am mixing, there is always a chance for something in the air to get mixed with the solution (dust,bacteria,etc.). Am I being too paranoid, or should I just mix it and not worry about it? Should I use sterile gloves?

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    OK - you should have 2 vials with your hcg - 1 with the powder and one with the bw (bacteriostatic water). Here is what you do. Get a sterile IM syringe - like a 23 guage 3cc syringe and draw 2.5cc of the sterile water into it. Now inject the water into the hcg powder vial. It should dizzolve readily - you can gently swish / roll the water but DON'T shake it! Repeat this process - you have now made 5cc of hcg solution and the concentration is determined by the iu's of powder - 10,000 iu of powder / 5 cc = 2,000 iu per cc - or 500 iu per 0.25 cc (an average dose. ) Before attempting this processI usually wash my hands well with anti bacteria soap and wipe them down with alcohol. It works fine for me.

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    I have some that came in a 5000 IU ampule and a water amp to mix. I mixed them and immediately preloaded five 1 cc insulin syringes and put the caps back on and set them in the fridge. I can't see them getting too much contamination from the time i mixed, filled and recapped. As far as gloves are concerned unless the gloves were stored in a sterile environment they probably have more contaminants on them then if you washed your hands really thoroughly.

    hope this helps

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