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Thread: Nolva question

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    Nolva question

    How many mg/day do i need to be on of nolva i am planning on running:

    week 1 testE 500mg
    week 2 testE 500mg
    week 3 testE 500mg deca 200
    week 4 testE 500mg deca 300
    week 5 testE 500mg deca 400
    week 6 testE 500mg deca 400
    week 7 testE 500mg deca 300
    week 8 testE 500mg deca 200
    week 9 testE 500mg
    week 10 testE 500mg

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    you just made a thread about this in the Q&A, why are you making another here?

    your deca dose is poorly thought out and nolva should not be run with 19nor steroids since it can make gyno symptoms worse.

    as i said before, get an AI for on cycle.

    for PCT you can use nolva.aromasin .hcg or look at the sample outlines

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    ^^^ 100% Agreed.

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