I wanted to post a little thought for the AAS crowd out there who I noticed ask a lot of very good questions concerning Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). I'm a little concerned that almost all of them feel as though they will need to use HCG and other PCT drugs before they even begin to cycle. They ask all the right questions but many of them are lacking one important piece of information--what does your blood work say?? How are you going to know if you've been effected negatively if you've never had any blood work done?? The guy next to you in the gym can't tell you what you need I don't care how long hes been in the game has he seen your blood work?? My point is its good to be concerned about what affects your decision to use has had on your body but don't compound the situation by blindly jumping into PCT'S without knowing if they're needed first. Have the blood work done and know what your doing or you'll end up paying fo it down the road.......GO HARD GO HEAVY