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    Wink Proviron in PCT...

    Has anybody used Proviron in PCT (for libido purposes) with Clomid And Nolva and taken the lab results after PCT which shows "normal" values. Just wondering this because I have some concern it might inhibit recovery of HTPA.. I don't really want any speculation here - only some real evidence

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    This should answer your questions.

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    Basically not.. I know it increases my libido and keeps my girlfriend happy but not sure if it destroys my recovery.. So I just wanna have some real life examples..

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    The studies go back and forth on whether proviron is suppressive, I personally wouldn't use it in PCT.

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    strange because my best friend is a bodybuilder who does shows and stuff and did multiple cycles and he says Proviron is so important to use during and throughout PCT.
    and it keeps libido high and helps with recovery because we know a guy who abused testosterone and wasnt able to get erections and 20 days on proviron 100mg he is fine now even after coming off proviron.... i dont know any scientific proof but this is real life experience. its confusing , a person dont know what to believe!!!! makes u worry

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