Hey all,

Im wondering what kind of pct I should do. Iv got supplies already, I've got 3 Hcg vials with 5,000 IU in each so 15,000 altogether, 50 Nolvadex pills. Im wondering how I should do my pct considering!!!!! I was on and off for a year, by that I mean. I'd go 3 months on, then go 2-3 weeks off...go back to 3 months on...so on and so forth...I didnt have much breaks in between I got that addiction to Test an some tren . Sometimes id mix up some sus in it. but that was rare. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my absolute last test shot. I can't take the stabbing anymore lol. (hope you guys dont think I'm nuts) I want to know how I should take my pct. My friend said take the whole 5,000 and start with 2 nolvas being 40...Im assuming. An the hcg should be good for 2 weeks...ALTHOUGH I have heard from some other people that the hcg is strong as hell and I should take 1 1,500 every 5 days.. I definitely need some suggestions. I don't need people telling me to see a doctor saying im too young or any BS like that. As if there aren't 22 year olds shooting roids.