I had what appeared to be some slight testicular atrophy even on 250 I.U.s HCG 3x's a wk. I am 33 by the way if that helps. That and my nipples started to itch a bit. So I started Aromasin @ 12.5mgs the first two days, and then on the third day I went up to 25mgs due to the nipples still being itchy and sensitive. I looked at what Swifto recommended in his stickies before I did adjust things.
~My question is how long does Aromasin take to kick in full force? A day, two? Is there a general rule of thumb. I have looked for one in posts but did not find it.
~Second question, should I start on Nolva 20mgs ED because my nipples are still slightly sensitive? I am on my 5th week of my cycle right now.
~Third Question, I am on Proviron right now. Should I carry that straight through PCT? Swifto in a PCT sticky recommended a Libido enhancer if I remember his terminology correctly.
I know some guys will say, research more, and I have. It seems my situation is unique with my extreme sensitivity, and the HCG not helping the boys like it should completely, and coupled with the Aromasin not kicking in enough for me. So I am trying to take the best information from what I have seen. I know I need to apply this knowledge fast to avoid further issues/ and or getting gyno.

This is what I plan to do for the rest of my cycle and into PCT:
~ Aromasin 25mgs ED
~ Proviron 50mgs ED
~ HCG 250 I.U.'s 3x's a wk (m,w,f)
~ Nolvadex 20mgs ED to the end of PCT-----I am wondering if the nolvadex is overkill?/ But after considering my sensitivity I think it necessary.
After last pin====>
~ HCG 500-1000 I.U.'s EOD (m,w,f) up until 4 days prior to start of PCT.
~ Proviron 50mgs ED straight through to the end of PCT-Libido enhancer
~ Nolvadex 20mgs ED from week 5 during cycle as mentioned above to the end of PCT.
~ Clomid 50mgs ED wk 1-4
~ Vitamin C 1gm upon waking and 1-2gm PWO (for Cortisol Levels)

Also is a liver assist good to take throughout the rest of the cycle, or is it even necessary, because I am off the dbol since the end of wk 4? I know this is a lot of information. I just am not the typical AAS user I guess. Lucky ME
I read a lot of Swifto's posts to piece this altogether and I would appreciate any help from him or other guru's in the PCT department.
I'm glad I belong to the best forum out there in this type of situation, prove me right and help a fellow iron monkey out.