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    Questions regaurding my PCT!! help please!!

    Questions regaurding my PCT!! help please!!
    Hi, im new to these forums,but i have done a ton of research and also a couple cycles over the last year. I was just trying to see if someone couple help me with a question i have regarding my PCT. I am on a cycle on RPN epi and CEL tren and i know its not a hard cycle so im not sure how extreme i should go on the PCT or if i need to use all that i have or if just some will work. I have Nolva prescribed from my doctor right now waiting for my PCT that i know i will use got the dosing all that good stuff down, but my question is should i add in my torem as well or would it be overkill? haven't had time to do a ton of research on torem and if it works the same way as NOLVA does is regards to its SERM and if it raises different test levels that NOLVA and all that . I get all my test levels checked regularly as well as liver prolactin and anything else you can think of so im just trying to decide if i need NOLVA and torem or if just the NOLVA will work since its a epi/tren cycle!! thanks, any questions you need to know just ask and ill answer!! thanks

    i also have clen for pct and natural test supplements like tribulus and whatnot... just looking for what ppl think

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    Whats your stats and how long has your cycle been going for ?

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