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    Pct for low dose var cycle

    Best pct for 4 week anavar 20 ed cycle ? age:27 weight:178 bf:9% height:6'2" Clomid ? I want to give my sex drive a slight boost, the var didn't totally kill it, but it does need a slight kick. I am willing to hear any criticism for running an var only cycle, but please help with my pct so i can get back to peak sex drive again.

    Also, options as far as best oral pct, over the counter pct, etc.

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    Everything ive read Var is a very safe cycle, planning on doing one myself. I think your dose was very low to see any decent results. I'm going to do 60mg ed split into 3 doses, morn noon and night. Exact cycle my buddy done and he had good results, its great for cutting and if you diet properly you can put on 10lbs of lean muscle that you keep after your done. You still need to do a regular pct though, dont skimp on that.

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    I would also like to know a good pct for this cycle, except mine is 6 weeks 70 ed

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    I am not hating on you but every kid I know in NY is on gh and var. Its like all anyone does. You say anything about test and its like you are talking about herion

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