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Thread: PCT and Clen?

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    PCT and Clen?

    As the subject title reads;

    Could you take Clen during your PCT? (Clomid and Nova)

    or is it not recommended or could it throw off any absorption/digestion rates of your PCT?

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    "Fat Burning, Anti-Catabolic

    Clen (Clenbuterol ) : Clenbuterol is a bronchodilator. Everyone knows clen is used to burn fat. Why am I listing it here in a PCT thread? Well, for its anti-catabolic properties. Clen may lower the effect of AAS while on cycle, so I personally dont use it while cycling. It does, however, have an effect on cortisol levels. While on cycle, cortisol is not to much of a problem if you eat right. AAS use increases cortisol production, and increases receptor sites. This means that when you finish a cycle, cortisol spikes along with estrogen. This is a part of the "crash" that is often overlooked. People have reported that blocking cortisol in PCT speeds along fat loss. Clen is supposed to have a blocking effect on cortisol. So, along side of its ability to burn fat, it is anti catabolic in it ability to block cortisol until desired hormone levels are achieved in PCT. For me, it makes sense to use clen in PCT until desired hormone levels are achieved, as it also burns away fat in the process."

    From the sticky, but I am pretty skeptical of this.

    Maybe someone will experience and knowledge in this instance will chyme in.

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    I heard albuterol works the same just with a shorter half life

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    interested in this also

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    It wont effect your pct effectiveness but what is your point for taking it in pct? You dont want to be in a caloric deficit in pct no matter what so cutting then isnt prudent at all so why the clen ?

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