4 years training
Played sports into my 20s

Hi guys
Running 2nd cycle
1-12 150 eod prop
2-12 50 ed winny
1-4 helladrol 2 tabs per day
I'm a naturally big guy with a precursor to hold weight on my gut and chest if I get lazy in training and diet.
I need advice on pct and e blockers how long what type etc..
My first cycle was test e it worked nicely but I lost my gainz quick due to no pct and I went in blindly like a turkey.. I put a gut on quick due the blues and I got sick after this cycle and ate like a pig..

My goal would be to have good strength and a lower bf.. I train Olympic lifts and power lifts cardio 3x pw. I am looking at body building type training too.. Can yall Pls help me on this I want do it right...