Hi guys,

I also have a thread in the TRT forum, but I'm posting here because I'm now trying to get off of the TRT (150mg once a week + HCG 250iu x2 a week + .25 Anastrozole 1 time a week)

It turns out I'm not feeling any better on TRT and have been on it 6 months now. Also my red blood cell count started off on the higher end of the "normal range" and it keeps going up from TRT so those are the reasons why I want to stop.

My TRT doc just wants me to quit cold turkey and my normal doc won't prescribe clomid.

I have taken a pro-hormone in the past and I just went to one of those rat research places online and got the liquid of the clomid.

Would I be okay to do it this way again? I hated that liquid and do not know if it even works, but my docs have left me with no options.. I am a week and a half since my last pin and feeling like crap so I really need to know what protocol to go on for awhile to get my levels back to "normal" for me.