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    Labs and PCT help

    Hey guys I need some help , I finished an anavar cycle of 7 weeks about 20 days ago feeling fatigued and crashed but have had a few colds since then. I ran nolvadex and want to add clomid for a few weeks but I got bloods done and need some advice. I want to bring my test back up but can't find info on clomid and RBC count

    RBC 7.36 High
    WBC 6.1 Normal
    Hemoglobin 13.6normal
    Hematocrit 43.3norrmal
    MCV 59 Low
    MCHC 31.1 Low
    MCH 18.5 Low
    RDW 16
    I do smoke hookah consistently and work with it which can also affect this and come from the Middle East , I'm working with a hematologist but I feel like I need to add clomid just worried about RBCs climbing. The doctors told me my situation isn't that bad due to normal hematocrit and low MC values.

    Anavar 40/40/50/50/60/70/70
    Nolvadex day after last dose 40/20/20/20

    Have clomid and wanted to add it (Dlabs 50mg 25 tablets) but worried about raise in test to promote more RBC production

    Yes I know I made mistakes I've accepted that and I'm just looking for advice via PCT and RBC

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    I'm by no means an expert here as I only "tried" one cycle and abandoned it early due to unforeseen complications and what I viewed as bad side effects. One of those side effects was a high RBC coupled with a high hematocrit. After 3 weeks off test cyp my hematocrit dropped from 49.9 to 49.6. RBC was at 5.8 I think. Point is I'm sure those numbers where higher while on cycle.

    So, I'm now on PCT Nolvadex 40/20/20/20 and clomid 100/50/50/50. Out of curiosity I checked hematocrit and it jumped to 51.2. So I gave blood and went to the medical library to find studies on clomid and hepcidin suppression. I found articles that studied hepcidin suppression secondary to increases in testosterone that linked the suppression to a raised hematocrit. The good news was some people are more sensitive to it than others. Older males like myself (48) are far more sensitive than younger males.

    In short, clomid raised my test levels but had the side effect of increased hct and RBC. If you are younger it may not affect you as much but I would advise you just watch your hct and RBC if you start taking it.

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