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    Nolvadex PCT - High Doses, Effective???

    I am just doing some research on PCT dosing.

    Typically post AAS cycle is see people do 40/40/20/20. However there are some post that seem to suggest that anything above 20mg is a bit of a waste, you would be better of doing 20/20/20/20? Is there really any truth to this?

    Second question was about combining Nolva + Clomid.

    Again a lot of conflicting advise, some people suggest taking other say there is no point of taking two serms, other say the sides from clomid are too harsh so better of having a slightly lower test for longer then taking clomid.

    So a few questions:

    1. Ignoring sides, does the Nolva+Clomid combo work mich better than nolva on its own?
    2. Any experiences from seasoned users who have used both protocols
    3. What dosage works the best

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    Doubling the dosage of a compound for the first few weeks is referred to as front loading. SERMs require high plasma levels in order to maximize there effects. Front loading helps to achieve peak plasma concentration faster than conventional dosing.

    The best chance one has at restating there HPTA is to use both nolva and clomid.

    It's difficult to say which regimen is best because every situation is different. If you would like to read about the experiences of knowledgeable members then you should conduct some research in the PCT forum.

    Also, 23 is a bit young to be experimenting with AAS. You should wait another year or two when your HPTA is more developed.

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