Hey, i'm new to this forum but not new to hormonal problems. I hope someone can help me out a bit because i'm not sure what to do anymore.

My hormonal problems started 8 years ago after a cycle of M1T (Methyl-1-Testosterone ) which was still a legal pro-hormone back then. I didn't do a post-cycle because i didn't think to much of the prohormone and my standard hormone testing came back normal.
I was also on d*utas*teride for alopecia androgenetica which is a 5-ar inhibitor just like f*inas*teride.
I believe these two have seriously messed up my endocrine system.

Visible symptoms are;
- Gynecomastia , i had surgery in '11 but it grew back!
- Testicles have atrophied a bit, they are approx. 50% smaller than 8 years ago.
- My manjuice doesn't come out in volume anymore.
- Underweight, i can't gain any weight anymore. Lost 20kg or so!
- Libido is fine

Now the more interesting part, my labs; (please note the Euro reference ranges might differ from U.S. ranges)
I've done a lot more testing, if you guys want to know anything else just ask.

The thing that stands out is high SHBG, i thought it was a lab error but the second test 9 months later shows it's still elevated.
Estrone is a bit high-ish, is that driving the SHBG?
My cortisol is low, in serum AND in saliva. This could theoretically lead to high SHBG as well.
High SHBG, estrogen domination, need some help-hormones.jpg
High SHBG, estrogen domination, need some help-cortsaliva.jpg
High SHBG, estrogen domination, need some help-liver.jpg