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Thread: cave question!

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    cave question!

    Ok, so I know this is the PCT, BUT haven't seen a section for OCT. Anyway, I'm in search of legit caber. If anyone has any info, would be greatly appreciated. I have seen many different sources are "g2g" then a different set of people will say that it's not good or they found out it was tamox and prami. Help please. Thank you.

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    that questions gonna be a no go... source fishing/source talk is against the sure wherever or whoever you get your gear from will be able to link you up..

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    I thought the same thing but in another post I saw the same question asked and it was answered by somebody. I'm thinking maybe its only against the rules to ask for a source for steroids . Pct gear and AI's are not steroids. Also saw someone ask for a source to get blood work done. That was answered also. I screen shotted each answer in case it got removed later. I'm new and don't want any trouble with the staff so I've been staying away from those questions. Search the Web for "medication without a prescription". Plenty of sites come up. Mostly for viagra and cialis.

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