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    Let me get a full picture

    Heya guys !

    So 3 weeks passed after cyp injectition.will start my pct as adviced in previous posts.

    Week 1-9 500mg testocyp.
    Training years:from 13 some weight lifting home and at 18 more focused programs. From 20-21 gym and mostly hypertrophy
    Starting weight: 72kg 12-13% fat
    End weight at last injectition: 82kg 10%~ fat
    Program on cycle : 3 weeks hypertrophy(6 days a week)
    6 weeks: strenght training with some hypertrophy exercises (4 days a week)
    Wanted to give my feedback on strenght libido supplyments I am taking.somehing like a log but not exactly.

    Supplyments :
    3gr vitamin C
    Testo booster with maca, daa,zinc,boron,aneva sativa,nettle,fenugreek(testo punch from scitec)
    Gainer (3 triple doses every day)
    Zinc alone 25mg
    D3 alone 450iu per cap(going for 5 caps a day)
    Liver supplyment with silymarin, nac, artichoke, choline , tumeric

    Going for a superbulk even if its dirty in order to keep as much muscle as possible.Won't care about fat as I can lose it easily(ectomorph)

    Ended the cycle at 82kg.
    Even if I am eating even more I have gone t 79~ but funny enough with no strenght loses anywhere but actually even more progress.(I pressume the weight loss could be water maybe)

    Tommorow will get my clomid and nolva for 3-4 weeks
    Libido so far is it was before.
    Mass: I am feeling i have lost some but still I am pretty bigger than when I started
    Pct workout : now I will deload from my strenght program with some total body 4 times a week
    And after I will go for strenght again.

    I am not feeling lethargic.I am feeling really happy and motivated.

    Hope this goes on after pct too.
    I will keep up all the above for 2 months after.

    What is your opinion on what I do? What should I add change on my schedule?

    Thanks alot hope I am not making alot of threads or I am tiring.

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    Probably should have ran the Test C for 12 weeks.

    Anyway, PCT 18 days after last shot.

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    Did you use an AI?

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    Used aromasin in cycle every 2 to 3 days as if i eod it would crush me and make me feel really tired.found that around there it is ok for me but need to tweak a little with i am on the 3rd week of pct.50mg clomid 25 nolva and I'm done.

    Yes should have mr.small been 12 weeks.But wasn't sure if 2 more weeks could impact my recovery more so Istopped.

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