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    Puffy nipples on Clomid pct 50mg ed

    So I'm just wondering what I should do here. To make a long story short I did a dbol only cycle slowly increasing from 20mg to 50mg ed and during the first 2 weeks in 20mg I had gyno signs but no lumps and started Nolva for 3 weeks 20mg ed and I've never had any more issues.

    1 week into the PCT with clomid I have lost 4 pounds of waterweight and fat, I still look bloated a little bit but my chest got that puffy nipple. It's not as bad as when I had gyno signs but it's visible that it's sort of poking out but when I rub ice on my chest and nipple area I look alright. I'm currently in the gym 3 times a week and intense cardio 2 times a week and I'm keeping a clean diet.

    Now I still got 10 25mg nolva left and should I take these now instead (or with) the clomid until I run out of Nolva or should I run the clomid first then Nolva just to get rid of the waterweight.
    And I know oral cycles aren't good and you lose a lot of your gains if you don't keep a strict diet and etc but I wanted to know how I would react to Dbol in different doses because I'm planning on doing a Test cycle and I felt like using some orals aswell and I thought Dbol would be good.

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    Just follow this for your test cycle:

    If you have gyno 3 weeks of nolva is not enough to reduce it.

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