Hi Everyone,

I've been a long time lurker and first time poster. I recently ran a cycle of Test E at 400mg a week. I had AI on hand for any gyno and estrogen issues. During my cycle everything was great, made a ton of gains and libido was through the roof. Now during my last 2 weeks of the cycle I'm sure I crashed my estrogen with the AI. I was stupid and panicked that I was experiencing high estrogen sides. My libido was at an all time low and erections were non existent. So I waited the 2 weeks after my last pin and then began Clmid for 4 weeks at 100/50/50/25. Overall during PCT I felt alright. Libido was still low and erections came back but weren't as strong as before cycle even. What's worse is I met a new girl and had trouble getting it up twice. Unfortunately Vgra and Cials don't even help that much. It's been a week off pct. Would it be worth to get blood work done now and see what's going on? Psychologically it's just messing with me. Any advice would be great, for the future I will do way more research and study before I embark on another cycle. I'm 25 years old.

Thanks Guys.

PS. I tried posting this earlier and it wouldn't let me for some reason. I went to get blood work done one week after PCT and here are my numbers;

Testosterone Free 356 196-636pmol/L
Testosterone 18.8 8.4 - 28.8nmol/L
Estradiol 89<162pmol/L

Sorry if there any spelling errors, I tried to get past the spam filter.. :/