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    Trying system HTPA reboot. Need help

    Been in TRT for 10+ years with some blasts in there too but mostly TRT. HCG the entire time. 53 years old.

    This is not likely but I’m curious if my system will reboot to a level I can live with. Why do prostate, I’m 53, and it worries me. My father had p-cancer. I am still PSA 2.6 or lower on my last 4 tests over 1.5 years. But I’m getting BPH often and I can tell it’s inflamed now and then. Start-stop peeing and peeing often... While my PSA scores are good in the last 5-6 years they are crawling up from the low 1s to now about 2.4 average. But I’m getting older too. I just wondering can I restart and avoid injecting... but is that better...worse or not much of a difference. I mean test is test wether I make it or inject it...right? I could live at a 500+ test serum score level but prefer 900. That’s not likely after a reboot...I’m guessing?

    So my thought is to start NOLVA and Clomid and maybe an AI after stopping everything. But at what more aggressive given how long I’ve been on? And what about HCG? If so, why and how much. Doesn’t HCG suppress the pathway? I’ve never understood why HCG in a PCT process...?

    Any advice is appreciated

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    I never treid this, but this is what is on the internet when you want to restDr scally Power PCT
    21 days 1.500hcg EOD
    22-36 clomid 100/100/50/50 nolva 40/40/20/20

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