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Thread: Extremely High Estrogen! Gyno, 5 years since last cycle

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    Extremely High Estrogen! Gyno, 5 years since last cycle

    So my last cycle was in 2016 which was Tren E and Test e. Did a normal PCT of Clomid and Nolva. Occasionally I could feel my estrogen rebound over the years although i was off cycle. Usually Tamox fixed the issues. Last month I felt like crap so I started taking Tamox and Clomid again with 0 effect. Just got my blood results back. Test seems to be normal but estrogen is higher than its ever been.

    Total Test: 963ng/dl
    Free Tes: 138.7 pg/ml
    Total Estrogen: 184.8 pg/ml

    I do have gyno on my right nipple. Luckily I just recieved Tamox, Clomid, and Letro. My question is, which one to start with? My thoughts would be to start with Letro since the estrogen is so high to lower it until gyno is gone and then follow up with Tamox to prevent a rebound.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Extremely High Estrogen! Gyno, 5 years since last cycle

    Iíll let someone else answer about letro cycles and combining with tamox because I donít know. I do know Letro is an AI and Tamoxifen /Nolvadex is a SERM so Iím not so sure it is an either/or situation.

    I read about Letro and some guys had good results but complained about feeling bad once their estrogen eventually crashed from taking letro for weeks. I opted to use Raloxifene for 6 weeks and it worked good with little side effects, I can tell you more if you ever want to know.

    Letro is strong stuff so hopefully someone here can give you a letro protocol, or you can find a tried and true protocol online. I donít mind being my own guinea pig with some stuff but letro is something Iíd want a tested plan for using it over being experimental with it.
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    Heads up, it is kind of bad form to cross post. Maybe this thread can get merged with your other one.
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