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    Durabolin from karachi part 1

    First sorry for my poor English but I'm French...
    I am about to buy this stuff but i would prefer to submit it to you.

    There is 3 batch.

    There is one amp of this batch : 610996XV
    Durabolin from karachi part 1-p1070260-%5B800x600%5D.jpg

    Durabolin from karachi part 1-p1070261-%5B800x600%5D.jpg

    Durabolin from karachi part 1-p1070262-%5B800x600%5D.jpg

    Durabolin from karachi part 1-p1070263-%5B800x600%5D.jpg

    There is two other batch but I can't post all the pics in this thread.

    I am going to post other pics in next thread.

    Thank you to all in advance and an happy new year with real and strong juice

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    other pics.

    There is 12 amp of this batch : 620739XV

    Durabolin from karachi part 1-p1070264-%5B800x600%5D.jpg

    There is 5 amp of this batch : 620738XV

    Durabolin from karachi part 1-p1070265-%5B800x600%5D.jpg

    And below are the boxes

    Durabolin from karachi part 1-p1070266-%5B800x600%5D.jpg

    I have a doubt because in a same batch the amps do not have all the same height.

    And the height varies from one batch to another.

    Please help me to know if I can push money or not.

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    fake,sorry bro. strange size amp's

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