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    Exclamation Legit sus250? Never seen this brand before....

    This is the vial i picked up today, never seen the brand before... Maby someone here has heard of it. It says on the vial it contains all the right 4 testosterones that sus is suppose to. The liquid is a very light yellowish color and kind of smells like peanut oil. heres some pics

    Company Name- Probolix
    Item Name- Sustabolix 250
    Legit sus250? Never seen this brand before....-sus2.jpgLegit sus250? Never seen this brand before....-sus1.jpg

    P.S- This vial was also not opened, i ripped off the plastic/metal top and it was attached to the top and i had to break the top off.

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    Yes it is.

    I have been using this brand for six months and I must say it works well, I'm about to try the Dbol from the same company, I have faith not just in the product, But i have been dealing with the same person for 15 yrs and this is what he gives me and it good.
    Hope that help you. Legit sus250? Never seen this brand before....-photo0016.jpg

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