IM told ferring dont make Virormone anymore. here is as much info as i can give on them without a picture. i do have a digi camera which is 3.5 mega pixel but close ups are bad quality.

When you peel the side of the box where the date stamp is one of the "0" punched through.

The vertical line on the label goes right from top to bottom but has a little gap about 3/4 of the way up.

I cant see any sort of air bubble or anything in the "0"s of the date on the label.

BN is 509875
March 2002
exp March 2007

Do you need any more info?

If somebody in the uk can spot these fakes i can send them some empty amps and an empty box for you to look at if you like.

Please help me before i finish my first box. if they are fakes ill take my other boxes back for a refund