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Thread: QV filling

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    QV filling

    Have you boys noticed that the QV bottles are a little bit underfilled. Is it just my imagination?

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    Yes it has been that way for the last 6 months or so....

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    As Quality Vet's gear has become more and more popular (mainly due to their prices IMO), the company's quality control has really taken a dive. Their going to have alot of problems if they continue this fraudulant practice of shortchanging customers. I can tell ya now if my next bottles are short (even a drop), I'm boycotting their products. too many other good labs out there!

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    I ordered a bottle of Stan QV 100mg and mine was about 12 shots short and I was injecting evey other day. I ordered another bottle and what I am going to do when it comes in is draw the whole bottle up into a 20ml syringe and see just how damn short it is.

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    Got a bottle of QV test enan and preloaded 4, 2cc's per needle exactly!! thats some fuckin bullshit! they shorted me exactly 2cc's...

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